Occupational Safety and Health Policy

Our company, founded in 1985, has successfully penetrated the markets in Europe, U.S. and Japan with a range of wireless security systems we developed in-house. Adhering to the operational philosophy of “Equal Weight on Safety and Health as well as Business”, we uphold the values of thorough inquiry and continuous improvement to ensure sustainable operations and fulfill our corporate social responsibility. In order to implement a proper occupational safety and health management system, we hereby specify our occupational safety and health policy as follows.
  • Identify opportunities and risks, fulfill one’s obligations;
    Execute hierarchical management, implement risk control;
    Encourage consultation and discussion, facilitate employee participation;
    Secure workplace safety, prevent work injuries;
    Commitment to continuous improvement, ensure sustainable operations.

Detailed explanation:

  • Any decision-making and implementation of our operations management must be in compliance with the Occupational Safety and Health Act to identify opportunities and risks.
  • We execute proper risk evaluation and implement hierarchical management to reduce the occurrence of hazards.
  • We implement the policy of “Work Safety for All”, value any input from our employees, and encourage everyone’s participation.
  • Adhering to the philosophy of “People First”, we are committed to providing a safe and healthy workplace for all of our employees, one that prevents work injuries and ensures the safety and health of everyone.
  • We consolidate the connection with government as well as academic institutions, and facilitate innovation and continuous improvement in our occupational safety and health system, in order to enhance its effectiveness and lead our company towards a more beneficial development.

Chang, Tsai-Fa, CEO
June 20, 2017