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Door Contacts:DC-9/DC-9SL

DC-23ZW Series is a wireless Z-Wave door contact designed to detect the unauthorized opening and closure of doors or windows. DC-23ZW is multi-functional, with a built-in extension terminal which allows it to be added to an existing wired sensor or to double as an universal transmitter.

Compatible with any Z-Wave mesh networks and devices, the DC-23ZW is ideal for security and home automation applications. It’s elegant, and modish design and no hassle installation allows it to easily fit seamlessly into any home decor.

DC-23ZW Series alerts the system control unit to any irregular activities and sends low battery signals as well as regular supervision signals to check system integrity.


  • Mounted on door or window frames
  • Extension terminals for connection to wired devices
  • Also serves as a universal transmitter
  • Tamper protection to prevent unauthorized removal and sabotage
  • Enables home automation and security systems to turn on/off appliances accordingly
  • Elegant, modern design
  • Compatible with other manufacturer Z-Wave systems
  • Power magnet allows for an overall side-to-side gap distance of 28 mm
  • Randomized supervision signals to check system integrity and troubleshooting
  • LED serves as a fault and test mode indicator
  • Low battery detection
  • Compliant with CE requirement

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Model Name
Wireless Z-Wave Door/Window Contact (with screw design)
Wireless Z-Wave Door/Window Contact (with clasp hook design)