Emergency Pendants and Wrist Transmitters

To stay safe and protected does not mean it must be chunky or boring! Climax’s WTRZ is an ergonomically designed wearable emergency button with interchangeable color covers, allowing your customers to look good and feel safe knowing they are connected to help whenever they need it. Up to 6 different colors and can be worn on the wrist with a comfortable band or around the neck as a pendant.

The WTRS is a one-of-a-kind, easy to use, stylish emergency pendant, allowing users to easily switch between wearing a necklace or as a wristband, all without any hassle. Our unique, patented One-Click Necklace/Wristband Switch takes less than 5 seconds and very easy to use. The WTRS has a long battery life and fully waterproof. The WTRS offers increased peace of mind for the user and their loved ones.

WTRC can be used as a neck pendant or a wrist transmitter. Powered by an integral battery, WTRC allows a typical life of 7.5 years. The device is waterproof to IP67 standard.

WTRD is an emergency neck pendant with battery life of more than 7.5 years. This waterproof pendant is IP67 rated.

WTRM can be used as a neck pendant or a wrist transmitter. The lithium battery-powered WTRM has a typical life of 6.5 years. This waterproof device is IP67 rated.

WTRQ and WTRQ2 are waterproof up to 20 feet underwater. The lithium battery-powered WTRQ and WTRQ2 have a typical life of 5.5 years. WTRQ2’s wireless range is 35% longer than WTRQ’s.

This ZigBee Emergency Pendant is an elegant and compact pendant that allows the user to summon help with one simple button press when an emergency arises. In a critical situation such as a fall, acute medical problem, fire, or burglary, users can quickly press the button to report an alarm to monitoring personnel.