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IRP-16SL Series/IRP-16 Series

Pet-Immune Motion Sensors:IRP-16SL Series/IRP-16 Series

IRP-16SL Series is a microprocessor controlled PIR motion sensor, providing quality detection and pet immunity up to 27 kilos (59 lbs). Leveraging advanced ADSP algorithms, it is able to maintain stable yet highly sensitive detection. Equipped with a remarkable battery life that lasts 4 to 5.8 years, IRP-16SL Series is created to enhance operational efficiency and reduce maintenance costs. New models, IRP-16SL-F1 and IRP-16SL-F2, utilize Climax’s industry-leading RF technologies to increase signal transmission speed, extend communication range, and avoid signal collisions. The streamlined aesthetic design with more defined edges renders IRP-16SL Series contemporary in appearance.The original IRP-16 Series with standard battery life is available for selection.


  • Pet immunity up to 27 kilos (59 lbs)
  • Powered by a pre-inserted Lithium battery for easy installation
  • Microprocessor controlled with advanced Adaptive Digital Signal Processing (ADSP) algorithms
  • Long battery life (IRP-16SL Series only)
  • Super speed signal transmission (F1 and F2 models only)
  • Compatibility the AC powered F1 control panels (F1 model only)
  • Compatibility with battery operated F2 control panels (F2 model only)
  • Two selectable sensitivity levels
  • Surface/corner mount with tamper protection against removal
  • Randomized supervision signals for system integrity checks and troubleshooting
  • Low battery detection
  • Superior white light and noise rejection
  • Superior radio interference rejection of up to 20V/m at frequencies of 100KHz to 1GHz
  • Detection range: 12 meters over a 110° angle
  • Automatic power saving mechanism
  • Insect- and dirt-proof
  • Compact and low-profile
  • LED serving as a fault and test mode indicator or a walk test mode button
  • Temperature compensated sensitivity control
  • Compliant with CE requirements

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