CTC-823DT is a DTMF programmer designed for control panels CTC-922, CTC-916, CTC-1141, CTC-1141Plus and CTC-963 to perform remote or local uploads and downloads. The installer can use CTC-823DT with the complimentary Windows-based software “Pilot” to program control panels from a computer.

CTC-835 is a programmer that enables remote and local programming of medical alarms CTC-792, CTC-1032, CTC-1039, CTC-1041 and CTC-1052. With the complimentary Windows-based software “Pilot-835,” the installer can quickly configure medical alarms’ settings on CTC-835 from a computer.

The SMS iWizard programming kit connects a PC to a GSM modem and provides convenient software for the installer to remotely program Climax’s GSM panels, including SD-911, CTC-818, CTC-948, CTC-952, CTC-1052, CTC-1052RV, CTC-1241, CTC-1752, VST-1916, VST-1923 and Mobile PERS from a computer.