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Heat Detector


Heat Detectors:HD-9

HD-9 is a wireless fixed 57°C heat detector with an 8.3°C rate-of-rise temperature sensor. With a built-in siren, HD-9 triggers an audible alarm when the temperature rises above 57°C or surges by 8.3°C or more degrees per minute to alert the user to fire hazards. Siren output is 95dB at one meter.


  • Alerts the user to fire hazards
  • 8.3°C rate-of-rise to detect if the temperature rises by 8.3°C or more per minute
  • High stability and sensitivity
  • Regular supervision to check system integrity
  • Low battery warning
  • Test button to test functions
  • Built-in siren to make audio alerts
  • Siren output measures 95dB at one meter

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