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PSS-29ZBS Series

Power Switches:PSS-29ZB/PSS-29ZBS

The slim-sized PSS-29ZBS and PSS-29ZBSR power switches can be programmed to automatically turn on/off electronic appliances. They also enable you to remotely operate appliances from a smartphone or tablet. These completely wire-free, easy-to-install power switches designed for comfort and energy-saving purposes are essential parts in home automation systems. The PSS-29ZBSR also functions as a ZigBee repeater to extend a security system’s wireless communication range.


  • Enable the user to remotely turn on/off an electronic appliance
  • Load type: Electronic appliances
  • Capability to double as a ZigBee repeater associated with up to 40 end devices (PSS-29ZBSR)
  • ZigBee-controlled for home automation systems
  • Can be remotely or manually controlled
  • Completely wire-free
  • Long communications range
  • Bi-directional signal transmission
  • Compatible with other manufacturers’ ZigBee products
  • LEDs serving as indicators of system status

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ZigBee power switch
ZigBee power switch and repeater