Alarm Systems

Receivers and Transmitters

UT-18EL-RJ is an universal contact-monitoring transmitter designed to monitor the activation of a specific sensor to which it is connected. Whenever the wired device is triggered, UT-18EL-RJ will transmit a signal to notify the control panel.

Hybrid receivers HR-7 and HR-8 make your existing control panels compatible with Climax’s wireless sensors. The receivers provide alarm, fault and tamper outputs to integrate up to 10 devices, removing the trouble of wiring between these devices and control panels.

UT-15 is a universal contact-monitoring transmitter, designed to monitor an activation of a specific wired sensor which is connected to it. Whenever the wired device is triggered, UT-15 will transmit an alarm signal to Control Panel and further notify users of an alarm event. It provides flexibility and agility in the security deployment.

Universal receivers UR-7 and UR-8 connect wired devices to a wireless control panel, allowing the control panel to activate the linked wired devices via UR-7/UR-8 when an alarm occurs.