Alarm Systems

Remote Keypads

KPT-23 and KPT-23N are two-way wireless keypads with 16 backlit buttons. The keypads can integrate proximity tags for easy operation. The keypads provide long battery life of more than four years. KPT-23N also works with NFC tags.

KP-23B and KP-23S are 16-buttton wireless keypads with backlighting for nighttime use. Powered by lithium batteries, the keypads feature long battery life lasting four to six years. KP-23B offers bi-directional communication. KP-23S is a one-way keypad.

The KP-15 Series’ remote keypads enable users to arm, partially arm, or disarm security systems with a few button presses and facilitate quick activation of panic, fire, and medical alarms. Its KP-15-F1 model features long RF range and more than six years of battery life and is compatible with Climax’s F1 control panels. This keypad series is waterproof to IP44 standard.

KP-9 is a two-way wireless keypad with 16 backlit buttons. The user can inquire about system mode by one button press on KP-9. The keypad provides color LEDs to indicate system status, modes and faults. KP-9’s battery life lasts more than six years.

KP-7 and KP-8 are 16-button wireless keypads with backlighting for nighttime use. The keypads feature low power consumption and long battery life.