Alarm Systems

Remote Keypads

KP-39B is a smart wireless user-friendly remote keypad, offering users an easy-to-program solution to easily arm, disarm, and home arm their security system. To provide additional peace of mind and safety, this keypad series features dual key function that can activate panic, fire, or medical emergency alarm at a press.

KP-35 Wireless Remote Keypad Series provides easy-to-use, on-premises security system control for enhanced flexibility and convenience. The LCD display with backlight illumination displays alarm memory, event logs, fault reports, or system status allowing users to easily see at a glance. The dual key function can activate panic, fire, medical, or emergency alarm at one press, providing users with an additional peace of mind and safety.

KPT-23 Series is an intelligent two-way wireless remote keypad providing easy-to-use, on-premises security system control for enhanced flexibility and convenience. Integrated with proximity reader that can store security code for quick access, users can easily arm or disarm their security system without having to enter a pin code manually.

KP-23 Series is an intelligent wireless keypad, offering an easy-to-install solution for users to have quick access to their security system. With its low profile and modern design, the KP-23 Series matches and blends in with any decoration, making it an ideal choice for a wide range of applications..

The KP-15 Series’ remote keypads enable users to arm, partially arm, or disarm security systems with a few button presses and facilitate quick activation of panic, fire, and medical alarms. Its KP-15-F1 model features long RF range and more than six years of battery life and is compatible with Climax’s F1 control panels. This keypad series is waterproof to IP44 standard.

KP-9 is a wireless, high tech, and durabal remote keypad that allows you to control your security system from wherever it is deployed. It communicates with a Control Panel via radio wave, sending signals to “Arm”, “Part arm”, & “Disarm” the system.

KP-7 and KP-8 are 16-button wireless keypads with backlighting for nighttime use. The keypads feature low power consumption and long battery life.