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SD-16 F1 Series

Smoke Detectors:SD-16 F1 Series

SD-16 F1 Series is the new generation photoelectronic smoke detector utilizing the latest optical sensing chamber and advanced microprocessor to deliver optimum performance. Statistics indicates that about one-quarter of smoke detector failures is due to dead batteries. SD-16 F1 Series features a long battery life.

With auto-calibration, SD-16 F1 Series automatically re-adjusts its detection threshold value according to changes in the environment. Additional LED light serves to signal auto-calibration status. Requiring no electrical wiring, SD-16 F1 Series is easy to install and preserves the beauty of the premises.

SD-16 F1 Series sends alarm, tamper, maintenance signals and battery condition messages to the panel. Leveraging industry-leading RF technologies, SD-16 F1 Series offers super speed signal transmission and extensive RF field range up to 300 meters in open space. With fast data transmission,the smoke detector effectively reduces signal collisions and further extends battery life. SD-16 F1 Series is compatible with Climax’s AC powered F1 panels.


  • Fast speed data transmission
  • Long battery life
  • Compatible with AC powered F1 panels
  • Auto-calibration once every month to readjust detection threshold value
  • Reflective photoelectric sensor to detect smoke from any source
  • Optical sensing chamber and advanced microprocessor to maintain proper operation
  • Sends alarm, maintenance, and battery condition messages to the control panel
  • Randomized supervision signals to check system integrity
  • Test button for self-tests/diagnoses
  • Alarm silence feature to temporarily quiet an alarm for 10 minutes
  • Low battery detection
  • LED status indicators

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