How the Climax Home Portal Platform Works

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Benefits for the Monitoring Center

Reliable and High-Capacity IP/GPRS Platform


n   Receive data from 10,000 to 100,000 security systems.

n   Operate all Climax control panels with IP/GPRS connectivity.

n   Store alarm videos/mages on Home Portal Server for the CMS to view anytime.

n   ARN Gateway delivers alarm events in CID/SIA formats to the CMS.


Visual Verification


n   View real-time images/videos or live video when alarms occur.

n   Use visual verification to reduce fines and wasted resources caused by false alarms.

n   Send alarm alerts to customers via SMS messages, emails or push notifications and enable them to view alarm images/videos on mobile devices or PCs.


Home Automation


n   Remotely control and monitor customers’ home appliances for their comfort.

n   Enable customers to manage home appliances by themselves via mobile devices or PCs.


Energy Management


n   Monitor customers’ domestic energy consumption to strategically boost energy efficiency and reduce electricity bills.


Remote Monitoring


n   Remotely monitor and handle control panels, devices, events, areas, etc. via user-friendly administration dashboards.


Location Tracking


n   View the GPS locations of Mobile PERS medical alarm users on Google maps.


Easy Programming and Maintenance


n   Conveniently program, maintain and upgrade alarm systems through interactive interfaces.


Increase in Recurring Revenue


n   Offer popular self-monitoring solutions such as visual verification and mobile control to build customer loyalty, attract new clients and stimulate growth of recurring revenue.


Protect Your Home

Arm and disarm your house from anywhere in the world.

Make Your Home Comfy and Green

Control lighting and home appliances to create comfort and save energy.

View Your Home

See what’s going on for peace of mind.

Know What Happened

Event history lets you know what happened in your home at a glance.

Smart Home Hubs

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Smart Home Devices

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Home Portal Server

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