Climax's smart home systems protect houses of all sizes well with world-leading 2-km RF communication range.


Climax’s smart home works with:


Climax’s smart home systems’ IP connectivity and cellular backup ensure uninterrupted communications and reduce the risk of failed alarm reports.

Protecting Your Home on All Fronts

Up to 160 sensors can be integrated into Climax’s smart home systems to provide comprehensive security services.

Security Sensors

Indoor and outdoor sensors monitor doors, windows, valuables, etc., and alert you to suspicious events.

Environmental Sensors

Smoke detectors, heat detectors, water sensors, and carbon monoxide detectors protect your home from fire, flooding and
air toxics.

Digital Locks

Compatible with Yale digital locks, Climax’s smart home allows you to lock or unlock a door with a simple touch on your smartphone.

Home Portal Server

Home Portal Server, Climax’s IP-based platform, provides monitoring centers and end users with convenient ways to manage home security and other smart home services.

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Smart Home Hubs

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Smart Home Devices

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Home Portal Server

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