Alarm Systems

Smoke Detectors

The SDCO-1 Series has a loud 85dB siren for audio notification and warning. With auto-calibration, this combo detector automatically re-adjusts its detection threshold value according to changes in the environment. It also has self-diagnostics function to monitor device status and ensure optimal performance. In addition, the SDCO-1 Series features several optional functions, including rate-of-rise heat detection and serial connection capability. Most importantly, it will continue to work even during a power outage. 

The Mini-SD Series is a mini-sized wireless smoke detector designed to protect your family against potential fire hazards. This series utilizes reflective photoelectric sensor to detect harmful smoke particles from any source.

Small-sized smoke detectors SD-7 and SD-8 utilize optical chamber technology to detect smoke particles and are microprocessor-controlled to provide ultimate reliability. The siren output is 95dB at 1 meter.

Smoke Detector SD-8EL is low profile and small in size. It utilizes the latest Optical Chamber technology to detect potentially harmful smoke particles. It is micro-process controlled with 100% Reliability. SD-8EL provides you the best safety and quality you can ever get agaist potential fire hazard.

SD-16 is the new generation photoelectronic smoke detector utilizing the latest optical sensing chamber and advanced microprocessor to deliver optimum performance.