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Camera PIR Sensors with Pet Immunity

VST-852 Ultra Pro

Camera PIR Sensors:

VST-852 Ultra Pro is a new generation PIR motion sensor camera with pet immunity up to 27 kilos (59 lbs). Adopting ZigBee HA 1.2 as its communications protocol, it offers extensive communication range and premium quality color VGA (640 x 480 pixels) alarm or remote look-in images. Multiple routers can be placed between VST-852 Ultra Pro and the control panel to extend the wireless communication range, which results in enhanced installation flexibility and broadened protective coverage. Moreover, three options for alarm image processing are available.

Three alarm image processing options

3 premium quality color VGA (640 x 480 pixels) alarm images
6 high-quality color QVGA (320 X 240 pixels) alarm images
3 high-qualities color QVGA (320 x 240 pixels) alarm images


  • Compatible only with ZBS security panels
  • Pet immunity up to 27 kilos (59 lbs)
  • Multiple ZigBee routers can be added to extend communication range
  • 3 alarm image processing options
  • 1 remote look-in color QVGA or VGA image upon request
  • Night surveillance up to 5 meters
  • Easy plug-n-play installation
  • Low power consumption
  • Long battery life
  • Certified to EN 50131-1 Grade2, Classâ…ˇ and EN 50131-2-2:2008

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