Alarm Systems


RSB-1ZBS is a ZigBee color LED light bulb featuring both multicolor adjustment and light level control. When joined into a ZigBee network, users will be able to control the bulb remotely via the smartphone app or web browser.

ZLR-1ZBS is a ZigBee light link reset button designed to reset the connection of Phillips Hue bulbs or any ZigBee light bulbs to factory settings. It helps to reconnect your existing ZigBee lightings to any ZigBee home automation systems or home alarm systems. It helps your ZigBee lighting devices to interoperate effortlessly with other products using ZigBee standards. With the help of ZLR-1ZBS, it allows a user to flexibly reconfigure ZigBee lightings with any other home automation rules or any other system to create a more comfortable and pleasant home atmosphere.