Alarm Systems


The multi-functional SRV-23ZBS Series is an AC-powered indoor siren, doorbell chime, and repeater (SRV-23-ZBSR) with battery backup (SRV-23B-ZBS). The SRV-23ZBS has a built-in speaker with voice prompts and alert tones to match all your alerting needs, from home intrusions, fire, flood, to emergencies. Voice prompts allows user and family members know exactly the reason for the alert, no hassle to memorize unique alert sounds. When it comes to your security system, there is no room for error.

The SRAC-23ZBS Series introduces AC-powered indoor sirens that plug into any standard power outlets for quick and simple installation. This series employs reliable power supply to ensure the sirens deliver uncompromising protection at all times and blare alarm sound more than 95dB when intrusions occur. The SRAC-23B-ZBS and SRAC-23B-ZBSR models provide rechargeable battery backup.

BX-32ZBS is a battery-operated wireless outdoor siren generating a loud 107 decible siren sound and strobe lights to provide visible and audible alerts for possible intruders, emergencies, and safety incidents.

BX-23ZBS is a wireless outdoor sounder generating loud 110 dB siren sounds and flashing strobe lights during an alarm to provide visible and audible alerts. The Outdoor Bellbox can either be powered by an AC adaptor or battery-operated.

The BX-15ZBS is a battery-operated outdoor bell box that deters potential intruders and alerts you to emergencies with loud 104dB siren sound and high-powered strobe lights. Featuring a long battery life, the BX-15ZBS is an essential component of an effective early warning system.

The SR-15ZBS is an indoor siren with battery life of more than two years. With 104dB siren output, this ZigBee device generates different alarm sounds for fire and intrusion. It also provides entry and exit delay beeps.