ZigBee/Z-Wave Systems

RMB-29ZW, a multifunctional AC powered Z-Wave repeater router with dual USB power adapter charger that allows you to charge any two smartphones, web-enabled devices, or other USB-charged devices. Capable of extending wireless signal to areas with blind spots, a solution for anyone who experiences poor wireless connection within their home or office. On top of having a small and compact size, the RMB-29ZW was designed with an interchangeable plug feature that can be easily switching between EU plug and US plug, further optimizing inventory management.

The RMB-23-ZW is an AC-powered plug-in wireless extender that can boost your Z-Wave network signal latency into hard-to-reach areas. Ideal for both residential and commercial premises, the RMB-23-ZW can amplify the communication range between the gateway and sensors, thereby solving the problem of signal loss due to distance limitations. Requires no wiring, the router can be plugged into a standard power outlet for simple plug-n-play deployment