ZigBee/Z-Wave Accessories

Roller Shutter Controls

Effortlessly adjust rolling shutters, screens, or shades at the touch of a button with the Shutter Control Switch, SCS-1ZBS. Block the sun’s harsh rays, privacy and protection for interiors, protect temperature sensitive valuables, and reduce energy consumption, all with a simple button press. The SCS-1ZBS allows users to remotely and manually adjust motorized roller shutters to be rolled up/down or stopped with ease

The SCM-1ZBS is a ZigBee roller shutter control that provides convenient operation of roller shutters for home automation and security purposes. Automatically or remotely roll up, down or stop mid-way, the SCM-1ZBS is directly connected to and controls motorized window treatments, interior and exterior shades and blinds, projection screen, and garage door or driveway gate of your home.