ZigBee/Z-Wave Accessories

Smart Zigbee Thermostats

TMST-2ZBS/TMST-2B-ZBS is a Zigbee thermostat designed to be incorporated into household heating and cooling system for home environment control. TMST-2ZBS/TMST-2B-ZBS can control the temperature and maintain a comfort environment by adjusting the heating or cooling system to a preferred set point. Unlike traditional programming interface that requires users to follow the complicated programming instruction, this smart thermostat offers flexible and intuitive programming interface to configure schedules and conditions for different living behaviors and further help users save more on energy bills.

TRV-1ZBS is a ZigBee Thermostatic Radiator Valve designed to be incorporated into the home heating system. TRV-1ZBS helps to maintain a comfortable room temperature by controlling the flow of hot water to home radiators. By regulating the flow of hot water, users can maintain their desired room temperature to suit various needs.