ZigBee/Z-Wave Accessories

Temperature Sensors

The RS-23ZBS temperature and humidity sensor detects temperatures from -10°C to 50°C and humidity from 0% to 100% RH. With its LCD display showing temperature and humidity levels, the sensor reports collected data every 10 minutes or when temperature fluctuates more than +/-2°C or humidity more than 10% RH.

TSO-9-EL-ZBS is a ZigBee wireless temperature sensor that monitors the temperature of your surrounding environment. It features an external temperature probe that enables users to monitor specific areas with more flexibility and accuracy.

The battery-powered TS-9ZBS temperature sensor reports temperatures to a control panel every two minutes. The sensor detects temperatures from -10°C to 50°C.

The TWLS-9ZBS Series is wireless multifunctional ZigBee sensor aimed to monitor home environment of water leakage, temperature, and/or humidity. When water is detected, the TWLS-9ZBS Series will transmit an alarm report signal to the control panel and the user will immediately receive alerts. When the temperature and/or humidity fluctuate to unsafe or undesirable levels, users will receive immediate notification. Ideally suited for climate sensitive areas in your home or business, including wine cellars, collection rooms, greenhouse, kitchen, bathroom, basement and more to increase comfort level and protect valuables.