ELSR-35 Emergency Light and Siren

ELSR-35 is a battery-operated combo emergency light & siren. When there is a fire alarm, the LEDs on ELSR-35 will flash and the built-in siren emits audible alerts. ELSR-35 can be installed on the top of the emergency exit. The white LED light provides you visual indication through the smoke, guiding you the way out of dangers.

TSP-3 Touchscreen Keypad

TSP-3 is a Touchscreen keypad. Featuring a 7” full-color, high-resolution touchscreen, TSP-3 provides quick and secure access to arm/disarm/home arm the system and an intuitive way to operate the security system. Connected to the control panel via Wi-Fi network, TSP-3 displays an overview of the system with its intuitive graphic user interface.

EIRC-1 Outdoor Curtain PIR Motion Detector

EIRC-1 is an outdoor wireless curtain-pattern PIR and microwave dual motion detection sensor. The combination of dual detection methods greatly improves its detection accuracy and reduces false alarm. EIRC-1 features IP45 weatherproof housing, advanced anti-masking technology and tamper-proof design, making it suitable for balconies, floor length windows, French doors, entrances, and sidewalks.

VRCP-WiFi Voice Recognition Emergency Voice Communicator

VRCP-WiFi is an AC-powered Emergency Voice Communicator with Voice Recognition to activate emergency call by preset vocal commands or keywords. VRCP-WiFi works with routers that support Wi-Fi network to provide network connection for making outgoing voice calls, receiving incoming call, and two-way voice communication. VRCP-WiFi is suitable for senior and medical care and ideal for multi-story homes and larger premises.

RP-29 RF Extender Repeater

RP-29 is a powerful RF repeater that extends wireless RF communication range into hard-to-reach areas. The RP-29 can boost the communication range between the gateway and sensors, thereby solving the problem of signal loss due to distance limitations. RP-29 is compatible with Climax’s VST-862-F1 Series PIR Motion Sensor Camera.

VST-862- F1 Camera PIR Sensor

Wireless water leakage sensor with powerful functions, the WLS-23 Series is designed to make your family more comfortable and prevent against serious water damage that can cause stressful and expensive home repairs and damages.

Zigbee, Z-Wave, and DECT ULE Accessories

Climax’s Zigbee, Z-Wave, and DECT ULE solutions rank among the world’s most versatile, flexible, and dependable smart home innovations.

Climax Smart Care with Voice Control System