WTRSC-1-NFC Emergency Pendant and Wrist Transmitter

The WTRSC-1-NFC is an emergency pendant / wrist transmitter enhanced by NFC technology. WTRSC-1-NFC can integrate with NFC-communication devices for medical and senior care applications.

VST-892EX Outdoor PIR Motion Sensor Camera

VST-892EX is a new generation outdoor passive infrared (PIR) motion sensor camera that features anti- masking function, which allows for detection of any attempts to blind the detector by placing objects in its field of view. With an installation height of 2.3 meters above the ground, the higher mounting height can better suit the user's needs. The camera also supports remote control of double knock alert system and remote adjustment of sensitivity range.

VST-892 Camera PIR Motion Sensor

VST-892 is a new, feature-rich PIR motion sensor camera, delivering installation flexibility and optimum performance at 2.3-2.5m. VST-892 can be pet immune or non-pet-immune simply by adjusting built-in jumper switch. Besides, anti-masking feature enables VST-892 to detect any attempt to blind the detector by placing objects in its field of view.

SD-32 Multi-functional Smoke Detector

The SD-32 Series is a new generation multi-functional optical smoke detector with powerful functions, which can prevent false alarms caused by cooking nuisance, as well as detecting different types of fire. It also comes with the unique feature of optional rate-of-rise heat detection and optional built-in PIR motion sensor.

GDC-3 Z-Wave Garage Door Control

RP-29 is a powerful RF repeater that extends wireless RF communication range into hard-to-reach areas. The RP-29 can boost the communication range between the gateway and sensors, thereby solving the problem of signal loss due to distance limitations. RP-29 is compatible with Climax’s VST-862-F1 Series PIR Motion Sensor Camera.

VST-892EXC Outdoor Curtain PIR Motion Sensor Camera

VST-892EXC is an outdoor curtain passive infrared (PIR) motion sensor camera. It can detect suspicious movements by passive infrared technology with two curtain detection patterns: horizontal curtain with pet immunity, and vertical curtain ideal for perimeter applications. VST-892EXC features anti-masking function to detect any attempts to blind the detector. With UV resistant housing and waterproof to IP65 standard, VST-892EXC is ideal for backyards, lawns, gates, outdoor corridors and hallways.

TSP-3 Touchscreen Keypad

TSP-3 is a Touchscreen keypad. Featuring a 7” full-color, high-resolution touchscreen, TSP-3 provides quick and secure access to arm/disarm/home arm the system and an intuitive way to operate the security system. Connected to the control panel via Wi-Fi network, TSP-3 displays an overview of the system with its intuitive graphic user interface.

Zigbee, Z-Wave, and DECT ULE Accessories

Climax’s Zigbee, Z-Wave, and DECT ULE solutions rank among the world’s most versatile, flexible, and dependable smart home innovations.

Climax Smart Care with Voice Control System