Alarm Systems

Motion Detectors

The EIRC-1 is a high performance outdoor wireless curtain-pattern PIR and microwave dual motion detection sensor. EIRC-1 passive infrared and microwave dual detection technology combined with auto-tuning to environmental conditions algorithm provides high immunity to false alarms. Suitable for balconies, floor length windows, French doors, entrances, and sidewalks.

The IRD-23 is a ceiling mount PIR motion sensor with a 360° look-down capability to cover an area up to 26’ (8 m) in diameter. The detector eliminates blind spots in the monitored area and is ideal for the protection of entrances and passages, where a moving person cannot evade passing through the detector’s coverage pattern.

The IRM-23 Series introduces dual-tech indoor motion sensors that combine one PIR sensor with a microwave sensor to enhance detection accuracy. These detectors trigger alarms only when both their PIR and microwave sensors are tripped. The mechanism to dually verify alarm conditions effectively reduces false alarms. The IRM-23 Series’ F1 models deliver extensive RF communication range and up to 10 years of battery life.

IR-9SL Series is a microprocessor controlled PIR motion sensor providing superior sensitivity and reliability. Notable for its remarkable battery life, IR-9SL Series is created specifically to enhance operational efficiency and reduce maintenance costs. The advanced models, IR-9SL-F1 and IR-9SL-F2, adopt the latest RF technologies to increase signal transmission speed, extend communication range, and avoid signal collisions. The original IR-9 Series features standard battery life.

The highly affordable indoor PIR motion detector IR-29 Series is an ideal combination of excellent performance and exceptional battery life. The sensitivity levels of IR-29 Series can be configured to suit different premises. Adopting state-of-the-art RF technologies, IR-29-F1 and IR-29-F2 guarantee fast speed signal transmission and extensive communication range. Alkaline and Lithium batteries are available for selection.

The IRC-29 is a passive infrared motion sensor with a curtain detection pattern that provides quality detection. The IRC-29 is ideal for indoor use designed to protect wall/roof windows, corridors, balcony doors, and all-glass walls.