Remote Monitoring and Management

Care Alert Platform provides convenient remote control capability to seniors and their loved ones via Web Portal and App, enabling panel’s remote monitoring and management, device setting, user configuration, network and report setting, and more.

Healthcare and Bluetooth Devices

Integration with third-party Bluetooth devices such as Blood Glucose Meter, Blood Pressure Monitor, Blood Glucose Blood Pressure Monitor can help to track health/medical data and alerts. Climax’s Bluetooth Pendant can be used to activate users’ smartphone for location reporting and help alarm call.

Visual Alarm Verification

IP camera can capture and transmit real-time images to the control panel. When an emergency occurs, visual alarm alerts are immediately sent to family members, and Monitoring Center to verify the event, sending immediate assistance as needed.

Voice Control

Support for Amazon Alexa and Google Home voice control can assist seniors to complete daily tasks.

GPS Location and Geofencing

GPS Location can be checked and coordinated from the Mobile PERS Series, while smart Geofencing alerts can be generated when the user leaves a defined safe area, providing virtual protection for seniors from encountering unpredictable dangers.

Smart Automation

Smart automation feature allows users to turn on hallway lights at night to decrease chance of a fall; or automatically turn on the heater if there’s a sudden temperature drop for seniors, ensuring safest living experience for the senior users.