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Self-Monitored Alarm Systems:CTC-2715

CTC-2715 is a smart GSM alarm that innovatively brings home automation to your house. Remotely controllable via a mobile app from a smartphone, this economic and efficient model is a rare find in the DIY market.

Do It Yourself

You can install CTC-2715 and use its various applications all by yourself.

Voice and SMS Reporting

Voice messages totaling 30 seconds can be recorded for voice reporting. Alarms are also reported via SMS messages.

Security Control via the Vesta EZ Home App

With the Vesta EZ Home App, you can remotely “arm,” “home arm” or “disarm” your house and control energy-saving devices such as power switches PSS-23 and temperature sensors TS-9 from a smartphone.

Thirty Zones

CTC-2715 designs 30 wireless zones to safeguard your house. Each zone can be individually named and programmed.

Home Automation

Four power switches PSS-23 can be integrated into CTC-2715 for home automation purposes. These devices enable you to remotely operate home appliances wherever you are.


  • Alarm reporting over GSM
  • Voice and SMS message reporting
  • Six reporting numbers
  • 30 individually named and programmed zones to support 30 wireless sensors
  • Home automation functionalities enable the user to remotely control home appliances
  • Four power switches PSS-23 can be incorporated for home automation purposes
  • Vesta EZ Home App for the user to operate the system from a smartphone
  • SMS programming
  • Each zone can be programmed into different zone types with specific device attributes
  • Listen-in function allows you to listen in to what is happening at home
  • 30-second recordable messages for voice reporting
  • Four fixed alarm messages
  • 20 event logs
  • Indicator of GSM signal strength
  • Tamper detection
  • Fault and status indicators
  • Compatible with Power Switch, Temperature Sensor, Door Contact, PIR Motion Detector, Pet Immune PIR Motion Detector, Remote Keypad, Remote Keypad with Tag Reader, Remote Controller, Smoke Detector, Carbon Monoxide Detector, Water Sensor, Panic Button and Bell Box

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