Telecare Solutions

Telecare Solutions

Living independently and aging gracefully are the ideals that every individual seeks to pursue. Climax’s PERS alarms give seniors the freedom and independence they desire while helping them to avoid preventable injuries at home or outdoors. We offer a wide range of senior products to serve our customers’ unique needs. These products provide comprehensive protection and monitoring services for seniors both indoors and outdoors. Whether you love indoor or outdoor activities or both, you will always find among Climax’s flexible telecare solutions one that is tailor-made for the lifestyle you enjoy most. Choose the life-transforming solution and rest assured that you will be in safe hands wherever you are, whatever you do.

Senior Care Solution

Climax’s Senior Care solution provides an ideal protection for seniors at home. In case of an emergency event, you can summon immediate help with a button press. Moreover, with additional functionalities such as fall detection, mobility check, two-way voice via optional sensors, our Senior Care will be your trusted companion for a worry-free and dignifying aging.

Smart Care Solution

With our Smart Care solution, not only will you receive excellent telecare services, you will also enjoy the peace-of-mind resulted from the system’s convenient and efficient security functions. Representing an innovation in the medical alarm market, MX doubles as an intrusion alarm when you are away from home and operates as a medical care system while at home. MX also has the capability to establish emergency voice communication between monitoring personnel and users in a large or multistory house during an alarm.

Mobile PERS

Climax’s MX-Pro, Mobile Lite and Mobile–X series break through the confines of traditional home-bound monitoring and extend care beyond home. MX-Pro is a portable and richly featured cellular medical alarm system with GPS tracking and locating functionalities. It offers comprehensive care monitoring both inside and outside the house. Mobile Lite and Mobile-X are portable mobile PERS devices that enable the CMS to locate the user and send assistance promptly in the event of an emergency. These devices will keep seniors independent, free, and safe wherever they go.