Home Automation Solutions

Home Automation Solutions

Climax’s security alarm systems- HPGW, HPGWL series, ML series and MZ series, combines ZigBee home automation solution to bring a smart management way to control your home appliances manually or automatically anytime, anywhere. You can setup environmental, device-oriented, or status- driven conditions that will initiate responses from your home appliances. The considerate deliberations help everyone save money on the power and utility bills, conserve resources and live a more comfortable and efficient lifestyle.

Lighting Control

Users can choose the most comfortable lighting brightness for the perfect atmosphere. They can also choose the right time to turn the light on for comfort, or to warn and prevent burglars from intruding the premises.


Users can check the temperature of homes before entering, or simply set an environmental condition rule to respond to temperature deviation from the preset optimum temperature. Whether it is too hot, or too cold, appliances can be setup to adjust according to your comfort. Moreover, they can also respond to the above situations by manually turning the appropriate temperature conditioners on or off. The power monitoring function can also graphically display to you the power usage to help manage your energy usage.