Home Security Alarm Report

The Climax Home Portal Platform is built for monitoring the entire house. It detects potential risks like suspicious movement or fire hazards, bolstering safety. It instantly sends alerts through various channels, including email and push notifications, for quick user response.

Visual Verification

The platform combines indoor and outdoor IP cameras, PIR cameras, and PIR video cameras for instant visual verification and real-time monitoring. PIR cameras capture unauthorized motion, instantly alerting users and CMS. CHPP also offers live video streaming for monitoring your home and loved one.

Home Automation

Expand your home's security and overall well-being with add-on automation devices, seamlessly integrated via the Home Portal Server. Effortlessly configure settings for control panels, cameras and sensors remotely, creating a safer, more comfortable environment tailored to your needs.

Voice Control

Climax Home Portal Platform integrates Amazon Alexa and Google Home voice control capability. Users are able to control the security and home automation system by using voice commands, such as arm/disarm the system or turn on/off the lights.

Remote Monitoring & Mobile Control

Our intuitive smartphone App is capable of remote monitoring mobile control with user-friendly interface. It makes it easy to manage devices, execute scenes, view video streams or image clips, and get immediate alerts and notifications.

Energy Management

Efficiently manage your energy consumption by monitoring usage and optimizing your entire home's systems. Reduce electricity bills while contributing to a more sustainable future through smart energy management.


Geofencing allows automatic system arming/disarming as users enter or leave their home or designated areas. Enjoy seamless security control that adapts to your presence for enhanced convenience and peace of mind.

Access Control

The Home Portal Server ensures robust access control, allowing homeowners to manage and monitor who enters their property seamlessly. From remotely locking doors to granting temporary access, it provides enhanced security.

Senior Care

The Home Portal Server extends its functionality to senior care, offering peace of mind to families. With real-time monitoring and alerts, it enables caregivers to ensure the well-being and safety of elderly loved ones.

VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol)

Integrated VOIP capabilities within the Home Portal Server enable efficient communication. Users can make calls, video chats, and intercom connections through their home automation system, enhancing convenience and connectivity.