Home Portal Server
Home Portal Server

Home Portal Server

What Is It?

Home Portal Server is a smart home platform presented in two forms—a website and a mobile app—for users to remotely control home from PCs or smartphones. Anytime you want to view home live, turn on/off lights, arm your house or change a temperature setting, simply log in the website or use the app on your smartphone to get the task done in seconds—even from the other end of the world.

Home Portal Server is created to serve both monitoring centers and end-users. With it monitoring personnel and home owners can operate and program security alarms, conduct visual monitoring, receive alarm notifications, run home appliances, manage energy uses, etc., from computers or mobile devices. This scalable and efficient solution brings great potential for business expansion and revenue growth.

How Does It Work?

Website: Installers, monitoring personnel and home owners can use Home Portal Server’s services after a simple registration on its website.

Vesta Home App: End-users can download the Vesta Home App, which translates Home Portal Server’s services into an intuitive app, on their iPhones, iPads or Android devices.

What Services Does it Provide?

Visual Monitoring: Users can view live video, alarm videos and alarm images on smartphones or PCs.

Security Control: Security alarms can be remotely programmed and controlled. Alarm alerts are immediately sent to monitoring centers and users. Event records are viewable online.

Home Automation: Home appliances are automatically run or operated from web-enabled devices.

Energy Management: Electricity consumption reports help you save more on energy bills.

GPS Map Services: Home Portal Server’s map services show GPS reports by Mobile PERS medical alarms for monitoring personnel to quickly locate users summoning help.

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