Supports flexible wired system

Visual alarm verification in
just 4 seconds

Encryption for more
secured data transfer

Easy system installation

SF1 technology

8 on-board zones

Communication Methods Options

The available communication path options include IP (Ethernet) and 4G/LTE, alongside built-in protocol options such as SF1 (RF network).
8 on-board zones
Pluggable colored BUS terminal for easy installation
80 zones per areas,
8 areas, 640 zones in total
Up to 128 BUS devices connection
40 users per area, 320 in total

External Antenna Capability with SMA Connector

Enhances signal strength and reception, improving wireless communication reliability and range.

Total wiring length limit:

Look Inside Hybrid Panel Lite

Comes with built-in power unit and room for battery for convenient set up.

SF1 Technology

While users may wish to utilize a wired security system for its safety and privacy advantages, in situations where installing such a system is not feasible, opting for a wireless security system is a viable alternative due to its installation flexibility.

Integrated with SF1 technology, the wireless systems not only inherit the 2 km communication range from their F1 predecessor but also support transfer of HD images by RF network, or leveraging VGA/QVGA alarm image transmission at faster speed. This optimization enhances reliability and sets a new standard for security.

Flexible and Easy Employment

With a single BUS line for connectivity, upgrade and expansion is effortless, without replacement of existing equipment, saving both time and money.

Scalable System

Capable of connection with BUS devices to build a robust and flexible system suitable for commercial application.

Wired Zone Expansion

Integrates with wired zone expansion modules for flexibility and potential growth.

Encryption Technology

With proprietary communication formats and encryption, ensuring information security and privacy.


Application of 'Identify' function for precise device localization in extensive BUS wired installations.

Visual verification in 4 seconds

Delivering real-time visual verification as fast as 4 seconds for PIR cameras and motion sensors.

Easy Installation

The wireless devices and system allow for flexible and easy installation and setup

Remote monitoring and mobile control

Vesta Home 5 enables users to control and manage the system as well as receive real-time event reports and alarm videos/images

+ Features
  • Wire and wireless smart home security gateway
  • 80 zones per areas, 8 areas, 640 zones in total
  • 8 on-board zones
  • SF1 technology supports:
    - Transfer of HD images by RF network
    - Visual alarm Verification in just 4 seconds for QGVA images
  • Encryption for data transfer’s security
  • External SMA input for Antenna
  • Visual Verification and Real-time Visual Monitoring by incorporating cameras
  • 24-Hour Emergency Monitoring by incorporating emergency security devices
  • Remote and Mobile Control via Vesta Home 5 Web Portal/App
+ Specifications


  • Number of areas and zones: 80 zones per areas, 8 areas, 640 zones in total
  • Number of on-board zones: 8 zones
  • Number of connected BUS devices: Up to 128 (Maximum of 4 KPT-35(N)-BUS models)
  • Zone expansion module options via BUS connection:
    WEZC-8: 8 wired zone expansion module with plastic housing
    WEZC-8B: 8 wired zone expansion module with plastic housing and battery
    WEZ-12-BUS: 12 wired zone expansion module
    WEZ-24-BUS: 24 wired zone expansion module
    WEZ-36-BUS: 36 wired zone expansion module
    WEZ-48-BUS: 48 wired zone expansion module
    WEPC-1: 4 PGM outputs with plastic housing
    WEPC-1B: 4 PGM outputs with plastic housing & battery
  • Number of BUS terminal: 1 pluggable BUS terminal
  • Number of users: 40 per areas, 320 in total
  • Total wiring length limit: Max. 3000 ft / 914 m
  • Wired input: NO/NC
    Single end-of-line (SEOL): 1K, 2.2K, 3.74K, 4.7K, 5.6K, 6.8K, 8.2K, 10K (in Ohms) (32 pieces of 5.6K resistors are included in shipment)
    Double end-of-line (DEOL): 1K, 2.2K, 3.74K, 4.7K, 5.6K, 6.8K, 8.2K, 10K (in Ohms)
    Triple end-of-line (TEOL): only for 3 combination - (4.7K, 6.8K, 12K) (4.7K/5.6K, 4.7K, 2.2K/3K) (4.7K/5.6K, 5.6K, 2.2K/3K)
  • Ethernet interface: RJ-45 connection
  • Number of PGM output port: 1
  • Tamper protection: Dual wall-mount & front cover tamper

  • Electrical

  • Power supply: 100-240VAC, 50/60 Hz
  • Total current consumption of hardwired zones, auxiliary output, BUS devices, expansion modules, and PGM port: 13.5V (Typical) / 1.5A
  • Backup battery: Backup battery options: 12V/4Ah / 12V/7Ah Sealed Lead Acid Battery(SLA)
  • Battery duration: 12V/4A SLA: 21 hours* / 12V/7A SLA: 36 hours* depend on Wire Zone & Bus loading

  • Wireless

  • LTE Frequency For 4G-LTE Model:
    EU: B1 (2100 MHz) / B3 (1800 MHz) / B5 (850 MHz) / B7 (2600 MHz) / B8 (900 MHz) / B20 (800 MHz)
    US: B2 (1900 MHz) / B4 (1700MHz) / B12 (700MHz)
  • 3G Frequency For 4G-LTE model:
    EU: B1 (2100 MHz) / B5 (850 MHz) / B8 (900 MHz)
    US: B2 (1900 MHz) / B4 (1700MHz) / B5 (850 MHz)
  • 2G Frequency for 2GW model: Quad-band: GSM850 (850MHz) / EGSM900 (900MHz), DCS1800 (1800MHz), PCS1900 (1900MHz)

  • Physical Properties

  • Operating temperature: -10°C to 45°C (14°F to 113°F)
  • Operating humidity: Up to 85% non-condensing
  • Dimensions: 320 mm x 245 mm x 93 mm

Compatible devices