Supports flexible wired system

Saves maintenance costs

Encryption for more
secured data transfer

Easy system installation

SF1 technology

Suitable for commercial use
16 on-board zones available
Up to 128 BUS devices connection
80 zones per areas,
8 areas, 640 zones in total
Pluggable colored
BUS terminal for
easy installation
40 users per area, 320 in total
1 PGM output port
1 Bell output terminal

Total wiring length max.

2A of total current zone /
output capability
12V/7Ah Sealed lead acid battery
Battery life: 36 hours

Look Inside Hybrid Panel

Comes with built-in power unit, pluggable colored BUS terminals, room for battery for convenient set up.

Scalable System

Capable of connection with BUS devices to build a robust and flexible system suitable for commercial application

Flexible and Easy Employment

With a single BUS line for connectivity, upgrade and expansion is effortless, without replacement of existing equipment, saving both time and money.

Wired Zone Expansion

Integrates with wired zone expansion modules for flexibility and potential growth.

Encryption Technology

With proprietary communication formats and encryption, ensuring information security and privacy.


Application of 'Identify' function for precise device localization in extensive BUS wired installations.

Visual verification in 4 seconds

Delivering real-time visual verification as fast as 4 seconds for PIR cameras and motion sensors.

ZigBee and Z-Wave Capability

Incorporates ZigBee or Z-Wave devices to complete an integrated wireless system with high compatibility that caters to your need

World-leading RF Range

2-Km RF range that delivers RF communication range of 2 km

Powerful penetration

The robust RF signal penetration enhances signal reach and heightens device reliability, ensuring consistent performance. Furthermore, it simplifies installation, making it more accessible and user-friendly. Additionally, the absence of repeaters in the system setup save cost and space, offering a more efficient solution.

Easy Installation

The wireless devices and system allow for flexible and easy installation and setup

Remote monitoring and mobile control

Vesta Home 5 enables users to control and manage the system as well as receive real-time event reports and alarm videos/images

+ Features
  • Easy system expansion with wired zone modules for scalability
  • Create a complete smart automation system by integrating ZigBee or Z-Wave devices
  • Monitor power consumption by integrating whole-premise energy meters
  • Benefit from Security@2km wireless technology with a 2 km RF range
  • Ensure 24-hour emergency monitoring for protection against various threats
  • Include cameras for visual verification and real-time monitoring in the system
  • Remote and Mobile Control via Vesta Home 5 web portal or app
  • EN50131 Grade 2 (when in wireless mode) or Grade 3 (when in wired mode), Class II certified
+ Specifications
  • A wired and wireless IP-based smart home security gateway with LTE capability
  • Wired & wireless zones: 80 per areas, 640 in total
  • 8 Areas and 16 on-board zones available
  • Number of BUS connected devices: 128 (Maximum of 4 KPT-35(N)-BUS models)
  • Smart Automation that incorporates ZigBee/Z-Wave devices
  • World-leading 2-Km RF Range that delivers RF communication range of 2km
  • 24-Hour Emergency Monitoring by incorporating emergency security devices
  • Scalable System that integrates wired zone expansion modules and devices
  • Visual Verification and Real-time Visual Monitoring by incorporating cameras
  • Remote and Mobile Control via Vesta Home 5 web portal/App
  • Power: 100-240VA, 50/60 Hz
  • Total current consumption of wired zones, keypad and auxiliary output: 13.5V (Typical)

Compatible devices