Alarm Systems

Remote Keypads


The KPT-29ZBS is a wireless ZigBee information keypad with proximity or NFC tags for users to quickly arm/disarm security systems.

Automatic Detection of the User’s Approach

The KPT-29ZBS has a built-in sensor to detect the approach of users. When users come within 30-50 cm of the keypad, the keypad’s tag reader and touchpad will automatically turn backlit for use.

Beeps during Entries, Exits and Alarms

The KPT-29ZBS emits beeps and shows a countdown timer on its LCD display during entry and exit periods. It also sounds beeps during alarms.


  • Built-in sensors to detect the approach of users
  • Touchpads and tag readers automatically turn backlit for easy operation when users come within 30-50 cm of the keypads
  • Keypads and LCD displays illuminated by white backlight
  • Alarm memory, event logs, fault reports or system status shown on the 32-character LCD displays
  • Integrate six proximity or NFC tags
  • Emit beeps and show a countdown timer on LCD displays during entry and exit periods
  • Incorporate specific home automation applications
  • Consume power only when in operation
  • Low battery detection
  • Tamper protection
  • Classy profile with aesthetic appeal
  • Wall-mounted

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