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Smoke Detectors:SD-16 F1 Series

The Mini-SD Series is a mini-sized wireless smoke detector designed to protect your family against potential fire hazards. This series utilizes reflective photoelectric sensor to detect harmful smoke particles from any source.

Featuring auto-calibration, the Mini-SD Series can automatically adjust its detection threshold value according to changes in the environment. LED light also serves to signal autocalibration status. 

Additionally, the Mini-SD-H-F1 model features high heat detection that notifies users when there is a sudden rate-of-rise in temperature or when temperature exceeds 57.3°C (135.14°F). 

Requiring no electrical wiring, its small and streamlined design will be easy to install and also a seamless addition to your home décor, offering you the highest quality protection. 


  • Reflective photoelectric sensor to detect smoke from any source, especially smoldering fires
  • Rate-of-rise detection when temperature rises by 8.25°C (46.85°F) per minute, or high heat detection when temperature exceeds 57.3°C (135.14°F) (Mini-SD-H-F1 only)
  • Siren output level is 85dB at 3 meter
  • Auto-calibration to adjust its detection threshold value
  • Faster speed of signal transmission, reliability, and enhanced communication range
  • LED status indicators for visual notification
  • Test button for self-tests/diagnoses
  • Low battery detection
  • Regular supervision signals to check system integrity
  • Excellent stability with high sensitivity
  • Lightweight and flexible to install
  • Suitable for residential and commercial security applications

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Model Name
Wireless Mini Smoke Detector with High Heat Detection and extensive RF range, compatible with Climax F1 control panels
Wireless Mini Smoke Detector with extensive RF range, compatible with Climax F1 control panels
Wireless Mini Smoke Detector, compatible with all standard Climax control panels