Smart Care Series

MX Series

The MX Series introduces medical alarms with intrusion functions to care for seniors and safeguard premises. The three-button design fully utilizes MX’s versatility. MX provides voice and digital reporting and communicates with monitoring centers via Contact ID, Tunstall TTNew, Climax CPC Dialect and Franklin 4+2 protocols.

Four Models

The MX Series offers four models with different communications paths to flexibly meet installation requirements:
MX-3: GSM/3G
MX-6: Ethernet and PSTN
MX-8: Ethernet and GSM/3G

Serving as an Intrusion Alarm

MX can serve as an intrusion alarm when its yellow button is programmed as a security button. The system will then work as a medical alarm when you are at home and guard your house when you are away.

Add-On Modules EZ-1 and EZ-2

MX has an expansion slot to integrate a DECT (EZ-1) or GSM/3G (EZ-2) module. EZ- 1 enables MX to incorporate DECT devices such as Talking Pendant, Call Point and Voice Extender to establish emergency voice communication between monitoring personnel and multiple users in a large or multistory house. EZ-2 creates an extra communications path.

Multifunctional, Programmable Yellow Button

MX’s yellow button can be programmed as an inactivity, check in/out, away/home, non-emergency call or security button.

Easy Programming

The installer can conveniently configure MX via USB PC, Web or SMS programming.

Voice Prompts

MX’s voice prompts provide reminders to both the installer and the user.

100 Sensors

MX can integrate up to 100 sensors, including Wrist Transmitter, Emergency Pendant, Smoke Detector, Water Sensor, Carbon Monoxide Detector, Panic Button, PIR Motion Detector, Door Contact, Voice Extender and Fall Sensor.


  • Voice and digital reporting
  • Communications protocols with the monitoring center: Contact ID, Tunstall TTNew, Climax CPC Dialect and Franklin 4+2
  • Reports alarms over PSTN, GSM/3G or Ethernet
  • One expansion slot for an optional DECT (EZ-1) or GSM/3G module (EZ-2)
  • PTCRB certified GSM/3G module
  • Can serve as an intrusion alarm
  • Programmable yellow button functions as an inactivity, check-in/out, away/home, non- emergency call or security button
  • World-class RF range, sensitivity and performance certified by EN-300-220 (Class 1)
  • Excellent full-duplex two-way voice communication range over 10M from the control panel and a half-duplex speech path
  • The activation/deactivation of inactivity monitoring is linked to the arming/disarming of the alarm when the yellow button is programmed as a security button
  • Comprehensive help/nurse arrival function
  • Can integrate up to 100 sensors/devices
  • Voice prompts as reminders to the installer and the user
  • USB PC, Web or SMS programming
  • Eight reporting numbers and one number for non-emergency calls
  • Can be used as a hands-free phone for non-emergency calls
  • Remote firmware update capability
  • Automatic check-in reports
  • Adjustable speaker and microphone volume
  • Compliant with FCC, CE and ETL certification requirements

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