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MY Series

Visual Verification Systems:

The MY Series introduces hybrid wireless/wired control panels with slave communicators for PSTN security alarms to migrate seamlessly to IP and/or cellular (3G) networks. PSTN panels adopting the MY solution will acquire the latest security features provided by IP and cellular technologies without going through the costly hassle of replacing existing alarm systems and sensors. MY control panels can also be used as stand-alone smart home alarms.

Ethernet and/or Cellular Networks

The MY Series offers three communications options: Ethernet only, cellular only (3G), and Ethernet and cellular (3G). The series’ three models are:
MY-1: IP panel
MY-3: 3G panel
MY-8: IP and 3G panel

Visual Monitoring

MY panels can incorporate IP cameras and camera PIR sensors to deliver live HD video and alarm videos/images to the monitoring center and the user’s smartphone for visual verification. With IP cameras monitoring personnel and the user can watch protected premises live. Camera PIR sensors send alarm videos/images as visual alerts when an alarm occurs.

Home Automation

The MY Series creates an automatically controlled home. Power switches, power meter switches, dimmer switches and other wireless devices programmed to MY systems enable you to remotely turn on/off lights and home appliances from a smartphone..

Home Portal Server and Vesta EZ Home App

Home Portal Server presents an all-in-one Web browser for monitoring centers and clients to operate MY systems on PCs. The Vesta EZ Home App with an intuitive interface is designed for the user to run smart home services on a smartphone.

50 Wireless Zones plus Three Programmable Input Zones for Wired Devices

The 50-zone MY alarms support both ZigBee and RF sensors. MY panels have one wired arming/disarming input, three programmable alarm inputs and four programmable relay outputs to facilitate smooth integration with existing PSTN systems.

Compatibility with ZigBee Information Keypads KP-29ZB and KPT-29ZB

The MY Series can integrate ZigBee information keypads KP-29ZB and KPT-29ZB to radically simplify system operation. KPT-29ZB provides proximity or NFC tags.

Easy Programming and Firmware Updates

MY panels can be configured via Web, app or SMS programming. Remote firmware updates allow MY systems to obtain the latest features.


Alarm Reporting

DTMF CID reporting over 3G

MY-3 and MY-8

Modified CID/SIA reporting over Ethernet or GPRS

MY-1 (Ethernet), MY-3 (GPRS), MY-8 (Ethernet and  GPRS)

SMS alarm reporting over 3G

MY-3 and MY-8

Visual Reporting

Can integrate 12 cameras in total

Built-in ZigBee network to integrate 6 IP cameras and 6 PIR video cameras/PIR cameras

Image transmission

Integrated 2.4GHz DSSS wireless communication interface for image transmission and secure image encryption using the AES algorithm

Power Supply

Power adaptor

12V 1A switching power

Backup batteries

1100/1600mAh Ni-MH rechargeable battery x 6

Battery backup time

14 hrs

RF Technology

Available frequencies

433MHz/868.35MHz FM/868.6375MHz Narrow Band FM

Radio frequency ranges

433MHz: Over 200 meters in open space

868.35MHz FM or 868.6375MHz Narrow Band FM: Over 300 meters in open space



ZigBee Communication

ZigBee communications protocol

ZigBee Pro HA Profile

Cellular Network

3G frequency bands

2100/1900/1800/1700/850/800/2600/900MHz (MY-3 and MY-8 only)(3G bands vary depending on countries/regions)

One Wired Arming/Disarming Input

Dry contact


Input voltage

12VDC (15V max)

Input current

2mA max

Three Programmable Alarm Inputs

Dry contact


Input voltage

12VDC (15V max)

Four Programmable Relay Outputs

Blocking voltage

60 Vp 

Load current


Maximum on-resistance

16 Ω


Operating temperature

-10°C to +45°C

Operating humidity

Up to 85% non-condensing


186.3 mm x 130 mm x 30.3 mm


Control panel


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