Alarm Systems

Acoustic Glassbreak Sensor and Fire Alarm Audio Detector


Remote Controls:RC-7/RC-8

Climax’s ACGS-3-SM is a multi-functional Acoustic Glassbreak sensor and Fire Alarm Audio Detector. This wireless sensor will alert home owners when a glass window or door is being smashed or broken; and alert users when existing UL smoke detectors goes off. Be aware and informed against potential fire hazards and break-ins, even when users are not home.

ACGS-3-SM can be deployed with a security alarm system to activate a siren when fire alarm is triggered when glass break is detected, to further deter burglars and alert neighbors.

Our proprietary microphone technology recognizes UL Alarm patterns and acoustic patterns with high sensitivity to provide full coverage. The ACGS-3-SM streamlined design will be an elegant addition to your home décor and will ensure that your property is prepared for a fire alarm or possible intrusion.


  • Detects potential fire hazards and glass break events
  • Monitors existing UL smoke detectors
  • Four selectable sensitivity settings (Maximum, Medium, Low and Minimum)
  • Wireless and lightweight for easy installation
  • Tamper protection prevents unauthorized removal
  • Regular supervision signals to check system integrity
  • Mounted on wall or ceiling within a 8-m range from protected glass, a 15-cm range from a UL smoke detecto
  • F1 technology leverages long communication range, enhancing penetration and sensitivity rate
  • LED indicator
  • Low Battery Notification
  • Suitable for residential and commercial security applications

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