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BOGP-3 Series

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BOGP-3 is a battery-operated cellular panel, designed to be used in your cottages, cabins, yachts, vacation houses, etc. where AC power usage may be limited. BOGP-3 provides comprehensive solutions, including home security, visual monitoring, and emergency monitoring, bringing all-around comfort and safety. BOGP-3 also leverages Climax’s F1 technology with 2km long communication range, enhanced reliability, and speedy signal transmission.

The cellular-based BOGP-3 series works with a variety of sensors up to 50 to protect your family and properties. The 50-zone control panel series offers extreme convenience and flexibility of alarm reporting methods, such as CID/SIA reporting, SMS reporting, push notification, or alarm image reporting. Depending on the application needs, users can select the appropriate reporting method for timely alarm notification.

Smart Home Services

BOGP-3 Series provides comprehensive smart home services, including home security, visual monitoring, and emergency monitoring.

World-Leading 2-Km RF Range and Superb Reliability

BOGP-3 adopts Climax’s groundbreaking Security@2km Wireless Technology that delivers RF communication range of 2 kilometers (1.5 miles), fast signal transmission, and relentless reliability.

Visual Monitoring

Working with PIR cameras, BOGP-3 series is able to deliver visual verification during an alarm. When an alarm is triggered, alarm images captured by PIR cameras will be sent to users and the CMS. Immediate visual reports allow users and the CMS to visually verify the alarm.

Built-in siren

BOGP-3 features a loud built-in siren to blare out immediate warning when an emergency occurs. It can also incorporate additional indoor and outdoor sirens to establish a powerful early warning system.

24-Hour Emergency Monitoring

BOGP-3 can incorporate smoke/heat detectors, water sensors, air quality sensors, panic buttons, light and humidity sensors to protect user’s family and property from damage cause by fire, heat, water, or air toxins. This round the clock monitoring ensures comprehensive prevention of disasters and quick response during emergencies.

Remote and Mobile Control - Vesta Home App

The end user can download the Vesta Home App from the App Store or the Google Play Store to receive event reports and view alarm images on a smartphone.

Remote and Mobile Control - Home Portal Server

Home Portal Server, Climax’s high-capacity IP/GPRS platform, enables users to remotely manage BOGP-3.

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Battery-operated cellular alarm system with LTE/3G reporting
Battery-operated cellular alarm system with 2G reporting