Smart Home Alarm System

Emergency Pendant and Wrist Transmitter


The BL-3 Bluetooth Emergency Pendant is a small wireless panic button that partners with a smartphone application allowing the user to summon help with one simple button press when an emergency arises, inside and outside the home. When its button is pressed, BL-3 utilizes its Bluetooth connection with the smartphone app to immediately report an alarm and relay user’s GPS location directly.

During sudden, life-threatening situations, users may not have the opportunity to unlock and make a call on their smartphones for help, and BL-3 can send an alarm and GPS location to caregivers and authorities immediately. This extra level of protection can significantly increase response and rescue time.

Furthermore, BL-3 will blink or chirp to remind users it is out of range of the smartphone or when it is shut down. It can also integrate with smartphone application to control features like step count on their smartphones, and receive low battery notification.

The product is waterproof, lightweight and has an easily changeable battery, which can be changed simply with a coin. Coming with powerful and easy-to-use features, BL-3 is the perfect companion for seniors who want to stay active and safe, providing help just a button touch away anywhere, anytime.


  • Bluetooth emergency tracker reports an alarm & GPS location via smartphone App
  • One-click design to easily switch between neck pendant or wrist transmitter
  • Blink or chirp to remind users it is out of the App’s range, or when it is shut down
  • Step count function
  • Easily changeable battery
  • IPX7 Waterproof standard
  • Lightweight and comfortable

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