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CO-8-P2 Series

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Climax’s CO-8-P2 Series is a wireless Carbon Monoxide Detector that provides round-the-clock protection to your family by using advanced electrochemical CO sensor technology to detect the dangerous presence of CO in your surroundings.

The CO-8-P2 Series’ sensitivity conforms to EN-50291 requirements and will immediately raise alarm accordingly to the different levels of CO concentration detected. The CO-8-P2-F1 model also features super speed signal transmission and extensive communication range.

With its completely wireless installation, extended battery life as well as built-in 85dB siren for audio alert, the CO-8-P2 Series is one of the safest, most reliable and elegantly designed carbon monoxide detectors on the market.


  • Electrochemical sensor to monitor CO level
  • Self-diagnostics function to ensure optimal performance
  • Loud 85dB siren for audio alert
  • Alarm silence button to quiet nuisance alarms
  • Excellent stability with high sensitivity
  • Extensive RF range and fast speed data transmission (CO-8-P2-F1 only)
  • Minimum power consumption with extended battery life
  • Dual-color LED status indicator for visual notification
  • Low Battery detection
  • Randomized supervision signals to check system integrity
  • Suitable for residential and commerical premises
  • Wireless for easy and flexible installation
  • EN-50291 compliant

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