Smart Home Alarm System

Senior Care Series


CTC-1052-QT LTE Medical Alarm System supports VoLTE (voice over LTE), offering better quality of voice communication and calling experience. This medical alarm system also supports top carriers in the United States: Verizon / AT&T / T-Mobile. CTC-1052-QT can be programmed by using programming software via RJ-11 connection, providing intuitive graphical interface for installers to program 1052-QT easily from a computer.

CTC-1052-QT comes with a user-friendly voice prompt feature for learn-in sensor instructions, emergency events, and power/inactivity status. The step-by-step instructional voice prompt further simplifies the sensor learning procedure, making learning in a new emergency pendant quick and easy!

CTC-1052-QT is incredibly easy to integrate into users’ daily lives. Its advanced, crystal clear, echo-cancelling two-way voice communication allows the Monitoring Center to listen in and talk to the user to better assess the situation and dispatch help immediately if needed. 1052-QT is specially designed with multiple alarm reporting and communication protocols, adding its versatility for the most advanced telecare monitoring market. CTC-1052L gives users and their loved ones the assurance that help is just a call and a button push away.


  • LTE Medical Alarm Panel
  • VoLTE (voice over LTE)
  • AT & T / Verizon / T-Mobile supported
  • PC programming (via RJ-11 connection) and various programming methods
  • Voice Prompts: Learn-in Sensor instructions, Emergency events, Power/Inactivity timer status
  • Alarm Reporting Protocol Options: Contact ID data*, SMS, or Speech
  • Two-Way Hands-Free Voice Communication
  • Integrate multiple devices/sensors: Wrist Transmitter, Emergency Pendant, Fall Sensor, PIR Motion Sensor, Panic Button, Smoke Detector, Water Leakage Sensor, and CO2 Sensors, etc.
  • Test button on front of panel for easy access to trigger Test Report and reset Mobility Check Time
  • Long Communication Range
  • Powerful 3W Speaker
  • Silent Emergency Call
  • Supervision for Emergency Pendants
  • Mobility Check, Automatic Check-in report, “Help Arrived” Confirmation, Fault Reporting
  • Battery backup in case of power failure

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