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Door Contacts:DC-9/DC-9SL

DC-23 Series is a door contact designed to detect the unauthorized opening and closure of doors or windows. DC-23 is multi-functional, with a built-in extension terminal which allows it to be added to an existing wired sensor or to double as an universal transmitter.

Powered by a CR123 3V Lithium battery, DC-23 Series is particularly created to enhance operational efficiency, lower power consumption and reduce maintenance costs. DC-23 Series alerts the system control unit to any irregular activities and sends low battery signals as well as regular supervision signals to check system integrity.

Its elegant and modern design allows it to easily fit seamlessly into any home decor. Ideal for both residential and commerical installations and usage.


  • Sleek, modern design with long battery life
  • Mounted on door or window frames
  • Extension terminals for connection to wired devices
  • Doubles as an universal transmitter
  • Enables home automation and security systems to turn on/off appliances accordingly
  • Optional IPX4 waterproof case for outdoor usage (DC-23R3-F1 only)
  • Optional IPX4 waterproof case comes in multiple colors for camouflage purpose (DC-23R3-F1 only)
  • Powerful magnet allows for an overall side-to-side gap distance of 28mm
  • Randomized supervision signals to check system integrity and troubleshooting
  • Tamper protection to prevent unauthorized removal
  • LED serves as a fault and test mode indicator
  • Low battery detection
  • Compliant with CE requirement
  • Certified to Standard: EN 50131 Grade2, ClassII

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Wireless Door / Window Contact with screw design
Wireless Door / Window Contact with clasp hook design