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Door Contacts:DC-9/DC-9SL

DC-9SL-EL series is a wireless door contact designed to detect the unauthorized opening and closure of doors or windows. The DC-9SL-EL is multi-functional, with a built-in extension terminal which allows it be added to an existing wired sensor or to double as an universal transmitter.

Completely wireless, the DC-9SL-EL is easy and flexible to install and blends naturally with any home decor. The DC-9SL-EL-F1 model was created to further enhance operational efficiency, reduce maintenance costs, and lower power consumption with an even longer battery life. The DC-9SL-EL series all have tamper protection built-in to prevent unauthorized removal or sabotage.

The DC-9SL-EL series alerts the security system of any irregular activities and sends low battery signals as well as random supervision signals to check system integrity. DC-9SL-EL stands out as a reliable, easily applicable device ready to make your home or business safer. 


  • Monitors unauthorized opening and closure of doors and windows
  • Extension terminals for connection to wired devices
  • Wireless for effortless installation
  • Minimum power consumption
  • Suitable for residential and commercial security applications
  • Doubles as an universal transmitter
  • Tamper protection to prevent sabotage
  • LED Indicator
  • Regular supervision signals to check system integrity and low battery notification

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Model Name
Door Contact, compatible with Climax F1 control panels
Door Contact, compatible with all standard Climax control panels