Alarm Systems

Door Contact / Shock Sensor


Door Contacts:DC-9/DC-9SL

DCSV-29 is a door / window contact with built-in shock sensor. It combines two functions in one unit to bolster perimeter protection while featuring more extensive RF range and faster signal transmission.

Mounted on door or window frames, DCSV-29 monitors the opening and closure of doors or windows and detects the impact caused by shock events.

The early detection provided by DCSV-29 effectively discovers and deters a break-in attempt before a door or window is opened, thereby minimizing damage caused by burglary or attack.

With three levels of adjustable sensitivity, each installation can be fine-tuned to ensure reliable coverage without false alarms. DCSV-29 also has a tamper switch for sabotage detection.

DCSV-29’s elegant and modern design allows it to fit seamlessly into any home decor, ideal for both residential / commerical installation and usage.


  • Door/window opening or window glass break & shock detection
  • Three adjustable sensitivity threshold levels (high, medium and low)
  • Tamper switches for sabotage detection
  • Enable security and home automation systems scheduling, scene creation to turn on / off appliances accordingly
  • Remote settings of material and sensitivity
  • Works on wood, glass, metal and concrete
  • Extensive RF range, faster signal transmission
  • Wireless for easy installation
  • Supervisory signals ensure proper operation

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