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Outdoor PIR Motion Detector


Motion Detectors:IR-29 Series

The EIRP-J1 is a high performance wireless PIR motion detection sensor for superior outdoor detection. It adopts Super Multidimensional Analysis (SMDA) logic recognition and digital double layer detection for high immunity to false alarms such as climate changes and vegetation sways, as well as pet-immunity to offer reliable outdoor perimeter protection.

EIRP-J1 has optimal area defining masking seals and sensitivity adjustment switch that can be easily configured based on user’s perimeter and needs. EIRP-J1 is the best option for users seeking the combination of exceptional performance and long battery life.

Its tamper-proof design prevents the opening of its enclosure and the removal of the device from its surface mounts. Wireless for easy and flexible installation, the EIRP-J1’s elegant white housing allows it to blend in naturally with any home décor.


  • Detects suspicious movements by passive infrared technology
  • Digital Double layer detection for pet-immunity
  • High immunity to false alarms
  • Protected against tampering and sabotage
  • Superior Reliability and Sensitivity
  • Different detection pattern can be configured
  • Sensitivity Adjustment Switch
  • IP55 Protection and UV resistant housing for outdoor use
  • Ideal for protection for backyard, lawns, outdoor corridors, hallways and gates

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