Alarm Systems

Expansion Modules

WEZC-8 provides additional 8 wired zones to the system and is enclosed with plastic housing. This provides convenience when it comes to installing the expansion modules at any strategic location around your premises. In addition, WEZC-8 is protected by dual wall mount and front cover tamper protection. This prevents WEZC-8 from any sabotage or unauthorized removal.

WEZ-12/24/36/48 supports additional 12, 24, 36, and 48 wired zones to the system. This series supports be mounted outside the case of Hybrid Panel-1, or outside the case of Hybrid Panel-1 where can be in outlet boxes, closets, or any accessible places.

WEPC-1 is designed to provide programmable outputs to Climax Hybrid Security Alarm System. Connected to the Hybrid Panel via RS-485, WEPC-1 includes 4 programmable relay outputs, which can be used in conjunction with compatible panels, enhancing the flexibility of the Hybrid Security Alarm System.