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GDC-3 Z-Wave Garage Door Control is designed to remotely open or close the garage door anytime based on your needs. This enables users to manage their premises conveniently and helps to ensure the safety and security essential to any homes.

By integrating a wireless garage tilt sensor Tilt-GDC3 attached to the surface of the garage door, users are able to learn whether the entrance is completely open/close or partially open. Besides, GDC-3 will give visual warning if the garage door begins to move. The built-in siren will also emit audible alarm beeps. This can help prevent any unwanted incident happened during the operation of the garage door.

Ideally, GDC-3 is suitable for residential and light commercial application. The GDC-3 is compatible with other manufacturers’ Z-Wave system and can be included and operated in any Z-Wave network, thereby leveraging smart home management.


  • Convenient operation for remotely opening or closing the garage door
  • Tamper protection on Tilt-GDC3
  • Alarm sound volume adjustment
  • LED Status indicator
  • Suitable for residential and commercial premises
  • Work with Tilt-GDC3 to report the status of garage door’s movement
  • Built-in siren provides audible alarm beeps
  • Support SmartStart
  • Easy and Flexible Installation

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