Breakthrough Medical Alarm Solution

GX Smart Care Medical Alarm is a breakthrough medical alarm solution, bridging medical health monitoring and traditional personal safety medical alarm to keep seniors safe and comfortable in their own homes.

Voice Recognition

Activate an emergency call to CMS by preset vocal commands or keywords, allowing sensors to seek help and receive emergency attention just by using their voice.

Smart Home Automation

Incorporate ZigBee and Z-Wave home automation devices creates a smarter and safer home, by auto turning on hallway lights at night to decrease chance of a fall; or auto turning on the heater when there is a sudden temperature drop.

Visual Monitoring & Verification

Integrate Camera PIR Motion Sensors and security cameras to deliver real-time visual monitoring, so CMS/family members can quickly verify and send the appropriate assistance as needed.

Emergency Voice Communicators

GX can pair with voice extenders, emergency voice communicators, and talking pendants, to initiate two-way voice calls to contact CMS or family members during alarms and emergencies. Having multiple voice communicators placed strategiclly throughout the home creates an extra network of safety for users to use the nearest Voice Call Point to summon help.


An all-in-one solution, the Home Portal Server Platform provide remote mobile control, visual verification, live-visual monitoring, alarm notification, advance home automation functions, energy management, and convienant user-friendly interface. The platform can be accessed via web browser or smartphone application, creating an intuitive user experience. Secure the house, manage all devices, and receive notifications anytime,anywhere.