Alarm Systems

Receivers and Transmitters


Receivers and Transmitters:HR-7/HR-8

Hybrid receivers HR-7 and HR-8 make your existing wired devices compatible with Climax’s wireless sensors. The receivers provide alarm, fault and tamper outputs to integrate up to 10 devices, removing the trouble of wiring between these devices and the control panel. HR-7 and HR-8 provide programmable latched/pulsed output modes.


  • Integrate up to 10 devices, including motion sensors, door contacts, smoke detectors and fixed panic buttons
  • Built-in receivers to receive signals from wireless sensors
  • One alarm replay output
  • One fault relay output
  • One tamper output
  • Programmable latched/pulsed output modes
  • Relay outputs can be programmed to be normally open or normally closed

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