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KP-35-COMBO Series

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KP-35-COMBO Series is a Wired Keypad with built-in RF module, designed to connect with Climax Hybrid Panel and realize local programming as well as easy-to-use, on-premises security system control for Hybrid Security System. KP-35-COMBO can also provide wireless convenience and have the same features with its wireless equivalent, KP-35 Series.

KP-35-COMBO Series provides easy operation and programming and supports both installer and user menus for configuration. The LCD display with backlight illumination displays alarm memory, event logs, fault reports, or system status allowing users to gain an overview at a glance. The dual key function can activate panic, fire, medical, or emergency alarm at one press, providing users with an additional peace of mind and safety.


  • Wired & wireless combo keypad
  • Compatible with Climax Hybrid Security system
  • Installer and user menus for configuration
  • 32-character LCD display Alarm memory, event logs, fault reports or system status
  • Built-in siren to emit alarm sound
  • Audible beeps to indicate entry/exit delays and other system status
  • Keypad and LCD display illuminated for easy night time visibility
  • Dual key function to trigger panic, fire or medical alarms
  • Wall mount tamper
  • Regular supervision signals to check system integrity
  • Easy installation with the options of both wall-mounted or desktop deployment
  • Sleek, modern design

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Wired & Wireless Combo Keypad
Wired & Wireless Combo Keypad with RFID Key Fob