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KPT-32-BLE is a next generation smart Bluetooth keypad with easy-to-use Bluetooth feature, which allows users to conveniently disarm the security system even with their hands full. Without having to access the App or manually entering the keypad’s pin codes, users can disarm the system via Bluetooth simply by approaching the system with their smartphones.

Inheriting the functions and benefits from the previous generation of product, KPT-32-BLE offers users an easy-to-program solution to easily arm, disarm, and home arm their security system. For enhanced flexibility and convenience, KPT-32-BLE series can integrate with RFID key fob or Near Field Communication (NFC) tag for secure quick access without needing to enter pin codes manually. KPT-32-BLE is also equipped with a built-in loud siren for immediate audio notification.

To provide additional peace of mind and safety, KPT-32-BLE series features dual key function that can activate panic, fire, or medical emergency alarm at the touch of a button. Wireless KPT-32-BLE keypad can be wall-mounted at the most convenient and the easily accessible location in users’ homes, giving users an extra sense of security.


  • Bluetooth to disarm the security system via smartphone
  • Loud built-in siren for audio notification
  • Enable arming and disarming with proximity RFID key fob or NFC tag
  • Capability to remotely manage the Tag or RFID from the control panel or Home Portal Server
  • Integrates up to 100 NFC tags
  • Dual key buttons to trigger panic, fire, or medical emergency alarms
  • Stand-by mode for power saving function
  • LED status indicators
  • A 14-button backlit keypad for easy nighttime visibility
  • Tamper protection against unauthorized removal
  • Extensive RF communication range and faster signal transmission

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Smart Bluetooth Remote Keypad with RFID Key Fob
Smart Bluetooth Remote Keypad with NFC Tags