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Remote Keypads:KP-9

KPT-32 is a smart wireless remote keypad, offering users an easy-to-program solution to easily arm, disarm, and home arm their security system. For enhanced flexibility and convenience, KPT-32 series can integrate with RFID key fob for secure quick access without needing to enter pin codes manually. KPT-32 is equipped with a built-in loud siren for immediate audio notification.

To provide additional peace of mind and safety, KPT-32 series features dual key function that can activate panic, fire, or medical emergency alarm at the touch of a button. Wireless KPT-32 keypad can be wall-mounted at the most convenient and easily accessible location in users’ homes. KPT-32 is safeguarded by tamper protection.

KPT-32 leverages Climax’s industry-leading RF technology to accelerate the speed of signal transmission and deliver reliable, extensive communication range. KPT-32 also features a power conservation function that consumes power only when in operation.


  • Enables user to Arm/Disarm/Home Arm security system manually or by swiping RFID key fob
  • Integrates up to 100 RFID key fob
  • Dual key buttons trigger panic, fire, or medical emergency alarms
  • Stand-by mode for power-saving function
  • 14-button backlit keypad for easy night time visibility
  • Loud built-in siren for audio notification
  • Tamper protection against unauthorized removal
  • Extensive RF communication range & faster signal transmission
  • Randomized supervision signals to check system integrity

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